Monthly Archives: February 2011

In the Dirt

3 acre farm dirt

In the dirt now!

Sugar peas, snap peas, florence fennel, Golden Globe turnips, White Egg turnips, French grey shallots, French red shallots, Dutch yellow shallots, Petit Dejeuner French breakfast radishes, Optima butterhead lettuce, Red salad bowl lettuce, Parade salad scallions, Genovese basil, catnip (well, we must keep the pets happy!) Australian brown onions, High Scent sweet peas, fava beans, Swiss chard, five types of garlic, Cylindra beets, Chioggia beets, Red Sails lettuce, Dark green Bloomsdale spinach, Scarlet Nantes carrots. Volunteer potatoes, Red Kuri squash…..that is about it for now!  More next week!

Valentine’s Plans


My plans were made.  I was going to spend the morning & afternoon with my best, most favorite people.  My daughters!  But, that changed and so I am home giving myself a valentine’s gift…….a gift of high production and list elimination!  How much better can a day get (after not being able to see my girls) than to have accomplished what one has been wanting to accomplish for the last 6 months.  Plus, with my history of procrastination, everyone waiting on me to “get to it” will also be getting a gift of surprise.

I hope your day is spent with your best people, but if not, make it a day that is a gift to yourself.