Belle’s Babes

Belle's Babes

Belle’s Babes

Oh dear!  I barely got the last post published and she goes and gives birth!  Belle had quadruplets today at noon, she had three out and moving and the fourth still had the birth sack over the head so I pulled it off and dried and stimulated it and she did the rest.  She is such a good mother.  There are two males and two females.  They weigh in at 3.75 lbs., 4.25 lbs., 3.9 lbs., and 3.8 lbs..  WOW!

They all got a good dose of colostrum and are exhausted.  Today is a warm and breezy spring day and they are sleeping in the sun while they rest up after being born.  Being born is hard work.  Here they are, 30 minutes old.

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