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I Love Raw Veggies


‘Buttercrunch’ lettuce, ‘Italian silver rib’ and ‘Rainbow’ chard, yellow ‘Goldy’ zucchini, ‘Cylindra’ beets, ‘French Red’ shallots, ‘Parade’ onions, ‘Inchelium Red’ garlic, ‘Genovese’ basil, Nastursium blossoms and Feta cheese.  Serve with a nice virgin olive oil and some balsamic vinegar and a plate of warm French bread.  Yes!  it is great!

This Friday the 29th of July, you should expect ‘Italian Silver Rib’ and ‘Rainbow’ chard, ‘Goldy’ zucchini, ‘French Red’ shallots, ‘Inchelium Red’ garlic, ‘Genovese’ basil, Curly leaf parsley, ‘Classic Slenderette’ green beans, light and dark green Patti-pan squash, and maybe  a ‘Romanesco’ zucchini.  Also, the tomato plants are finally ready, with some beautiful red and orange toms, ready to toss in that salad.  (Let me know if you would like some Nasturtium blossoms.)

Friday night I had some friends over and made a very nice pesto with the ‘Genovese’ basil and ‘Inchelium Red’ garlic along with a few pine nuts and some parmesan cheese.  I chopped it with a knife ‘like an Italian grandma’.

I tossed the pesto with some pasta and served it with the Raw vegetable layered salad some bread and a little red wine.  Simple, but oh, so good!

What to do with the squash!?


I know it is hard to know what to do with all the squash, so I decided to give you a couple of suggestions!  Above, is what we had last night for dinner.  Grilled Romanesco and Goldy zucchini, Japanese eggplant and French red shallots on a Rosemary skewer.  Marinated Summer Vegetables Grilled on Rosemary Skewers from Williams Sonoma recipes!  Very pretty!  I will have the Rosemary available on Friday for pick-up.

Although there are not any green beans this week, this next recipe is heavenly!  I made it last year and everyone raved about it.  Not only is it tasty, but it is colorful and pretty too.  Sweet and Sour Pattypan Squash and Green Beans from

Now some of the Pattypan squash are getting big so fast so I had to look for a recipe to use and I remember my mom used to make stuffed zucchini so I thought hmmm, that sounds good!  I found this yummy recipe.  Stuffed Pattypan Squash from

Don’t forget, you can blanch and freeze while there is an abundance!