Kahurura, Young Pumpkin Greens



I am very excited because my friend and co-worker came over (to check the seeds she had planted) and introduced me to a new food!  Young pumpkin leaves.  She couldn’t remember the name of it so I found a source online that said it might be called Kahurura.  Sounds good to me and I will ask her when I see her if that is what they called it in her village in Kenya.  I already tried them and they are very tasty!   I did find a link here that has a suggestion for cooking them.  Kahurura.


Rinse young pumpkin leaves with cold water                                                                    Peel the outer stem (it has strings like celery stalks)                                                       Chop (I used 3 leaves, for 2 people)                                                                                        Put in pot with 1/2 inch water                                                                                              Cover and boil until barely tender                                                                                      Saute some garlic in olive oil (maybe add a chopped onion or savory shallots)  Throw in the pumpkin, stir and fry quickly                                                                Squeeze a bit of lemon over it & yum!

Also….I made the best Gazpacho.  Fresh tomatoes, fresh cucumbers, garlic & parsley.  I served it with warm bread and a glass of red wine.


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