Planning the Spring Garden


I am thankful….Fantastic, family, friends, food.  That was my Thanksgiving.  This guy was left standing, he was thankful also!

Now I am looking toward the next season.  I am planning for Spring already.  I will have even more variety in 2012!

Beans and chard to tomatoes and peppers.  Again I am focused on providing you with a box of a variety of seasonal vegetables.  A good share of my crop and an introduction to, I hope, new tastes.  

Plan for the following:Artichoke;  Emerald

Basil;  Genovese

Beans;  Spanish musica, French Filet, Edamame (soy beans), Favas

Beets;  golden, Cylindra, Chiogga, Detroit red

Brussels Sprouts


Cabbage;  Tete Noire, Early golden acre, Cauliflower;  Snowball

Carrots;  Scarlet nantes, Danvers half long, Babette French baby carrots, Cosmic Purple

Chard;  Italian Silver Rib, Rainbow



Corn;  Sweet early Casino & Luscious (a white and yellow)

Cucumbers;  Mediterranean, Armenian, burpless!

Eggplant;  Rosa Bianca, Beatrice, Black Beauty, Nadia, Japanese

Fennel (Florence)

Herbs;  basil, parsley (both curly leaf and flat leaf), rosemary, Common thyme, sage, Greek oregano

Kale;  Italian Laciniato, Portuguese, Dwarf blue curled


Lettuce;  Red sails leaf, Rockytop leaf, Grand Rapids leaf, Speckles butterhead, Buttercrunch, Romaine

Melons;  watermelons, cantaloupe

Okra;  long pod green

Onions;  Parade, Italian Red of Florence, Crimson Forest & White Lisbon bunching, Yellow of Parma & Bianca de Maggio bulb

Peas;  snow, sugarpod & snap

Peppers;  sweet bell, hot peppers

Potatoes;  Yukon gold, white

Radishes;  French breakfast, Omny daikon, icicle, Champion

Spinach;  Bloomsdale long standing, Red Malabar

Squash;  acorn, butternut, crookneck, Goldy & Romanesco zucchini

Sweet potatoes;  Dianne

Tomatoes;  Sweetie cherry, Black Krim, Crimson Carmelo, Roma

Turnips;  purple top, golden globe, red round, Navet des Vertus Marteau

I am sure there will be more!  If you have any requests, now is the time to email me so I can research them and order seeds.

So signup now, there will be limited openings again this year.

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