Ending the 2012 Season

It was fun!
See you next year!

Look for French red shallots, Dutch yellow shallots, and French grey shallots, garlics, Romanesco and Goldie zucchini, Rainbow chard, Armenian cucumbers, Italian red torpedo onions, Portuguese and Russian kales, lettuces, herb bouquets including Genovese basil, rosemary, Common thyme, Greek oregano, Italian flat leaf parsley or curly leaf parsley, Mexican sage.

Long pod okra, Yellow crookneck squash, Rainbow mix chard, Italian silver rib chard, buttercrunch lettuce, French filet bush bean, Italian bush bean (Roma Improved), Spanish Musica pole bean, Classic slenderette bush beans, French baby leeks, Optima butterhead lettuce, Crimson Carmello tomato, Sungold and Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes, Edamame, Minowase radishes, Daikon radishes, French breakfast radishes, Cylindra beet, Chioggia beet, Red salad bowl loose leaf lettuce, cilantro, Sweet bell peppers, Serano, Jalapeño, and Habanero peppers, Kahurura (young pumpkin greens), Parade onions, French red, French grey, and Dutch yellow shallots, Inchelium Red garlic, Portuguese Kale, Fava beans, turnips, potatoes, Japanese eggplants, carrots, hmmm…I’m sure I missed something!  Members, if you think of something else email me and let me know.

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