Full Share Week of May 24th


Full share this week….My favorite is on the bottom right!  Beets, nutritious, versatile, tasty, and pretty!  Beet greens can be eaten raw in a salad tossed with the other greens, or steamed lightly, or juiced.

Now the beets themselves….Raw, they can be grated into a salad or blended in a vegetable smoothie.  Boiled then chilled, you can dice them and toss them in a salad (again) or  marinade.  Try  Balsamic Marinated Beets from  Epicurious.  Boiled and hot you can serve them simply as a vegetable, they are pretty, sweet and tasty.  Roasted, you can toss them with other root vegetables in some olive oil and pop them in the oven until they are tender, sprinkle a little salt and pepper, add some goat cheese and serve on a bed of greens and you have a beautiful roasted vegetable salad!

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