Second Season 2013

Musque du Provence

Musque du Provence

This year we are going to have a second season!  Some members have already subscribed and are looking forward to fall/winter produce.  We hope to have boxes through November and maybe even December!  Our goal is to have a generous Holiday dinner box!!  The high tunnel is new so we only can anticipate what will happen this year, although reading other’s experiences with a high tunnel, December produce is not unreasonable!

We have already planted Yukon Gold  and Russian Fingerling potatoes, Green and Yellow Acorn squash, Waltham Butternut squash, more summer squash (we are being brave), peas, more beans, leeks, onions, several varieties of lettuce, salsify (a root vegetable that tastes like oyster), beets, turnips, and we have cabbage, kale, brocolli, brussel sprouts, garlic, and shallots, seeded or ready to seed!

Beyond the fall/winter vegetables we are seeing a comeback of cucumbers, summer squash, and some tomatoes after the onslaught of aphids!  Oh, I do not like those sticky aphids!

One response to “Second Season 2013

  1. HI Jannelle! I can not read your posts because the print matches the background to closely. Looks like the farm is growing great!

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