Pumpkin and Chili

Pumpkin was born October 31, 2010 to Chili.

Chili must have been bred just before I got her because she was here on my farm without a male for a year before Pumpkin arrived.

Pumpkin has a dark cross marking on his back.

There is a story;  ever since Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey on Palm Sunday, donkeys have had a cross on their back.  Pumpkin is very friendly and will follow us around.  He is so soft he feels like a silk stuffed animal!

Update:  although this video is too cute to delete, Pumpkin and Chili are no longer living here.  They got a job on a cattle ranch where they hang out with the show cattle and keep them calm.  Congratulations to Pumpkin and Chili!

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