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2015 CSA Shares (Shares now available)

share with favaWhat is my share of the harvest?

The weekly harvest share includes an assortment of at least 5-6 different items in each share.

The share sizes and share variety will vary throughout the season due to growing conditions and the weather.

A full share is designed for a couple who eats fresh produce daily, or a larger family who incorporates vegetables into their diet several days a week.  It will be about twice the size of the small share.  A small share is designed for a couple, a couple with young children, or a family that is just beginning to incorporate fresh vegetables into their daily diet.  Below are some specific amounts that will be included in the small share when these items are in full season:

  1. •Tomatoes, 2 pounds
  2. •Beans, 1 pound
  3. •Greens, 1 bunch
  4. •Potatoes, 1 quart (about 2 pounds)
  5. •Lettuce, 1 head
  6. •Cucumber, 1
  7. •Squash & Zucchini, 2 each
  8. •Eggplant, 1
  9. •Cabbage, 1 small head
  10. •Beets, 4 roots and greens
  11. •Onions, 2
  12. •Winter squash, 1  (pumpkin, Hubbard, Red-Kuri)
  13. •Herbs, small bouquets of various herbs
  14. •Sweet Peppers, 2
  15. •Hot peppers, 2-3

As our previous members can tell you, each share consists of a very nice variety of produce not just a large amount of one or two items.

We are accepting sign-ups NOW.  Just print out and send in a Subscription form.  You can also add eggs to your shares and those will be included weekly.


Sample Spring Share

Sample Spring Share

We still have a few shares available!
Click on CSA SUBSCRIPTION above and it will take you to the subscription form.

This was an actual share, Stockton Red onions, Spanish Roja garlic, fava beans, cylindra beets and greens, arugula and pea shoots, squash; crookneck, grey, yellow and Romanesco zucchini, English cucumbers, and the aromatic and beautiful culinary herb bouquets!

I’m thinking that next week is long beans and tomatoes! My favorite!