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Killdeer Eggs

Killdeer eggs 1

Killdeer  (Charadrius, sometimes Oxyechus, vociferus)

In 24 days these Killdeer bird eggs will hatch.  They are in the center of my driveway just to the east of the front door.  They are so easy to see up close. Once I back up, I cannot see them at all.

A killdeer pair sits on the eggs, taking turns keeping them warm and safe.  If  something gets too close the little birds will limp off as if they have an injury so the “predator” will be distracted and follow them rather than focus on the eggs in the rather pathetic little nest.

Killdeer eggs 2

Can you see the eggs?



Crimson Carmello, Florence Fennel, and Red Kuri squash.  All reaching for the light from the warmth of the living room.  Yes, they are in the picture window in the living room, it is the room with the most light and the biggest window.  Since it is still too cold at night, even on the porch, they live here.  They will be planted out in the garden during the first week of April.  It is fun to watch them reaching for the sunlight.  I move the trays around every other day and they reach right back to the sun.  Amazing, really!

More in the Dirt!

There is more in the dirt now; Romanesco zucchini, Goldy zucchini, Dark Moss Curled parsley, Long Pod green okra, Musquee de Provence squash, Three types of Italian and three types of Asian eggplant.  Crimson, Valencia & Admiral bell peppers, Toma Verde & purple tomatillos, Sweetie, Sungold and Black Krim tomatoes and Italian Silver Rib chard.  Yummy!

Wandering Hens

Wandering Hens

I have about 6 dozen hens and some roosters.  The white hen with some black on her neck feathers in the foreground is a Delaware, the black and white in the center is a Cuckoo Maran.  Right behind her the copper colored with the black edges on the feathers is a Golden Laced Wyandotte.  I also have New Hampshire Reds, and Welsummers.  These are all heritage breeds.  They are docile and Continue reading